About Our Logo

Sam's Silhohuette


This silhouette of Sam was taken from the last Myers' family photograph. In the photo Sam was captured leaping in the air with his arms raised to the sky in victory. This is the image the Foundation wants to represent the upcoming victory in ending the stigma associated with mental illness.


This is the official ribbon for mental health awareness.  The #STOPTHESTIGMA was added to accentuate the purpose of the Foundation - to end the stigma associated with mental illness, particularly as related to public sector employees.


The color of the logo is a Green-Pantone Code 375. The official color of mental health awareness.


#ALLFORSAM has a double meaning.  The first and most obvious is meant to highlight the Foundation's center of being - the recognition that this is to honor the life of Sam Myers and his strength in enduring the daily struggle with three mental health conditions.

The second and not so obvious meaning is the Foundation's purpose - (#) all for 

S - Suicide A - awareness M - Matters.