---"Rest In Peace, Sammy Ross Myers. Losing you is like losing a relative...We both have our struggles and losing you has lit a fire for me to advocate for mental health."

---"My son suffers from mental health issues and I fear that he and my family will be judged. I often consider what it is to walk in his shoes. Educating my family members so they are more tolerant is a priority and Sam’s story has inspired me to learn more about mental illness and to speak more openly about our struggles."

---"I don't know you but...I was in a horrible car accident in April that has me disabled and it has caused me to suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. I have struggled with contemplating suicide. After seeing what your family has suffered I definitely am trying my hardest to never put my family through that. And because of your wonderful words of kindness even though you are heartbroken you and your son have probably saved my life. Thank you." 

 ---"[The] story you wrote has already made a difference. Our own son struggles and hides it all inside...he came to us and finally asked for help after reading your story. He also bought his own sister a card and wrote the most touching words to her to let her know he couldn't live without her. Sammy has touched my son and finally is agreeing to get professional help with his depression and anger. Like Sammy he hid behind his humor but is torn apart inside. I thank you for sharing your story."