Sam's Story

Link to video of - Myers Family Interview-Sam's Story 

On December 10, 2016, Samuel (Sam) Myers walked out of his parents’ home, after giving his mother a hug and saying “I love you,” and never returned. At 19 years of age, Sam believed that his life would be a tortuous existence due to his battle with OCD, Severe Anxiety, and Bi-Polar Disorder, so he made the decision to voluntarily end his life.  

Early Years

Sam’s light brown hair, sparkling green eyes, fun-loving character, and dazzling smile quickly made him the center of everyone’s attention. Full of energy, at a young age Sam fell in love with the sport of football and played more than 12 seasons of indoor and outdoor football. While in middle school (and high school), Sam developed an interest in wrestling where he also excelled; becoming an All-City, State-ranked, and State-qualifying wrestler. In his eighth grade year; however, Sam's parents began to notice dramatic behavioral changes. Sam would later reveal to his parents that he had experienced intrusive thoughts since around his third-grade school year.

High School and Beyond

In high school, Sam continued with his sports and continued to attract the attention of many around him, with one friend describing him as the “heart and soul of the school.” But Sam was hiding his own pain, masking an internal struggle with mental illness. His sophomore year, Sam was diagnosed with OCD and Anxiety, and after a short hospital stay during his senior year, he was also diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. Afraid of the stigma, Sam never revealed that he was suffering and turned to drug use when he felt medication and therapy failed to help. Ultimately, believing he had no future, Sam made the decision to voluntarily end his life.